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Becoming less of a mess one day at a time....
I say to the Lord, "You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing." Psalm 16:2 NIV
Focusing on Faith is the first step towards a life with less mess!
  1. Build a solid foundation through prayer!
    I am something like a "constant pray-er". I start praying from the second my eyes open and continue to dialog with God throughout the day. I pray about little stuff and I pray about big stuff. I pray for my husband and children and I pray with my husband and children. I even pray about things like finding a parking spot! The important thing is that you don't have to know what to say, just talk to God. Prayer is a chance to open your heart to God and speak to Him about your fears, your needs, your hopes, and your dreams. Just don't forget to thank Him for all that he has done for you, and I always do that first. Start praying today, be sure to listen when He is speaking to you too, and watch your life change for the better before your eyes!
  2. Tithing? Do I really need to give 10%?!?
    What is tithing and why do we do it? Simply put, tithing is 10% of your income and we do it in part because God has been so generous to us! We also tithe to provide for the leaders of our churches, to help the needy, and store up our treasures in heaven ( Does skimming 10% off the top of any income you receive sound utterly impossible in your current situation? Well it did to me and let me tell you something. I live in a single income home, I owe thousands towards student loan debt and medical bills. But we still give 10% with each and every influx of income. I actually enjoy it now and I was so scared at first, but funny things happen when you give what is owed to God. Things work out, the bills get paid, and you get unexpected help at the most unusual times. Give faithfully and trust in God to provide for you.
  3. The Bible: I dont understand it and eh...find it boring.
    You must be reading the wrong version! Did you know there are over 50 versions of the Bilble in english alone? If you try to sit down with the King James version, you may as well grab a dictionary too. I prefer the New International Version (NIV) which I believe is much easier to read. The Bible is anything but boring. You can find envy, greed, murder, alcoholics, sibling rivalry, and so much more in Genesis alone! The Bible is the best way to understand the world as it is today. Everything you see, everything you hear, whatever your questions are, can be answered by reading God's word. Just sit down with the right version. Challenge yourself to read a little bit each day. You will see how the Bible is filled with people just like you and how God works to save us from ourselves.
  4. Introducing your children to God...
    This is a simple one. You just open your mouth and talk about God, who He is to you, and what He has done for you. You teach your children to pray, by praying in front of them. Pray before meals, before bed, in times of strife, and in times of peace. Want a good story to read to your kids? The bible is where its at! Like I mentioned above, there are tons of versions of the bible, and that includes illustrated and simple forms for kids. We even have a baby version of the bible that was given to our youngest son by his Godparents! The "Baby's Bible" is one of our kids favorite books because they love the pictures. Here is something to remember though, show your kids what God is all about by the way you carry yourself. Kids don't always listen to us but they are ALWAYS watching us. Make sure your actions speak louder than your words. It's one thing to pray and read the bible with your kids, but its quite another to walk with Jesus each day.
  5. Finding a church home...
    We have recently relocated (once again) and are in the process of finding a Church home. Some important things we consider when looking for a place to worship are: Is it a Bible based church? We are looking for a place in line with our Bible based belief system not a secular hang-out. How large is it? For some folks the arena filling churches are a great and exciting way to worship, but for us, a schmedium (small-medium) church where we can know get to know everyone and be involved is a must. Also, Is the music good? I love my Gospel music and a good choir is a must for me. Finally, is the sermon great? No matter who is at the mic, the message must be clear and relatable. The same pastor isn't going to preach every single Sunday or even every service, so we want to make sure the church we choose has a few good people to lead the service. I will be discussing this further on my blog as we church "hope and hop" from Sunday to Sunday.
  6. A better marriage, happier kids, & a better life through...
    Christ! Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior? Do you believe God sent His only begotten Son down to Earth to die for your sins even when you were still a sinner? Its a hard pill to swallow and I'm telling you sometimes I think mine gets stuck in my throat rather than completely digested. I struggle EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. to be a better Christian, a better woman, a better wife, a better mom, daughter, sister, friend, etc. I have so far to go but I do believe in my God and He is ever faithful and His love for me is unexplainable and inescapable, He is the reason I am here today and I could only hope that through my words someone else could get to know Him better. Amen!