The good, the bad and the messy!

I am a Latin girl in her middle twenties, sitting in her favourite coffee shop. Drinking iced latte & eating (well rather devouring) a tasty mozzarella bagel.

I wonder if I should order some cheesecake too… This place has the best cheesecake, I think I will go for it. Also, WTF is the problem with these girls sitting in front of me! They have been starting at me since the moment I came in… I wonder if is because of my bright red skirt or because of my boobs. Anyway, I should be used to it by now after 4 years living here, but I still find it annoying.

If I do a remembrance of the deceptions of my love life, I should go back to my early teens, when I overheard my then crush saying to someone after looked at my yearbook picture that my cheeks looked like 2 giant hams. I mean, I can’t blame him… They were big indeed, I have always had a really round face. A comment like that wouldn’t affect me today, I have learned to love my face, even with its big cheeks but at the time it hurt a LOT.

But I would like to start this site with the experiences of my “grown-up” self, so all the stories will be the ones that have place after I moved to pretty, sunny (NOT) Germany around 4 years ago.

The stories will be not in chronological order, as are too many, and I am sure I don’t even remember every guy I have been in a date with. So I will be writing the ones that just come to my head!

Even though it would be way funnier if I just write about my most ridiculous & embarrassing dates, I think I should also give to life & Tinder some credit as I have wonderful romantic stories to tell too.

So be ready because I will be spilling the tea! About all the good, the bad & the mess of my pretty much disastrous “Love/Dating Life”.

See you around, Tschüssi.

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